Business Training Center

Business Training Center
BTC affiliated to the Institute for Trade Studies and Research of ministry of industry, mine and trade was established in 1995 aiming at developing human capital of the commercial sector and empowering them to handle the new trading system of the country.
BTC’s two main functions:
1-  Offering skill and education services
2-  Offering academic services

In the area of skill, possessing 35 branches all over the country, BTC is responsible for polls, design, development and application of professional education required for economic activists engaged in the area of Industry, Mine and Trade (with an approximate share of 40% of national GDP).

Government staff eligibility from the management and human resource promotion department of President office.
Eligibility to hold stock investment courses authorized by education strategy committee of stock and exchange organization.
Authorised by the vocational education organization to offer professional skills courses.
Strategic agreements with:
1-    Academic association of Marketing
2-    Academic association of Commerce
3-    Academic association of E-commerce
4-    Academic association of supply chain and logistics
As the president of business schools association, we are proud to have provided the following systems:

1-   Establishment of CRM (customer Relation Management)
2-   Establishment of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system
3-   Establishment of an integrated system of education management under WEB and an appropriate interactive portal to fulfill customers needs.
4-   Utilising Trade specialized library with approximately 24000 books, 12000 plans and applicable research reports and 200 practical theses.
Variety of services:
1-  Virtual courses
2-  In house workshops
3-  Learning by doing
4-  Public courses
5-  Holding one-day symposiums and workshops
6-  Academic courses
7-  Field trips
8-  Offering specialized and private consultation  in the area of MBA and DBA
9-  Providing 6 million individuals with education services per hour
Acting as an intermediary institution between universities and economic and commercial sectors of the country in order to empower and improve applied skills required by university graduates and those who are active in the areas of trade, commerce, economy and management.
Development of human capital of the commercial sector of the country through improvement of applied skills, insight and knowledge of the clients and empowering them to achieve the objectives stipulated in the Outlook Paper and finally, institutionalizing effective trade of the country
Areas of Activities
Business Training Center according to its philosophy and mission offers the following professional and specialized training services.
Short and long term training courses related to commercial sector within 10 subjects:
Commerce and trade
Sales and marketing
Logistics and chain supply management
Information technology and e-commerce
Management and system
Economics and finance
Business English conversation courses
Administration and organization
Trade law
Specialized exhibition courses
Term – based courses of Scientific & Applied University
Designing and organizing on the job training courses for organizations
Training courses for government staff
Distant and e-learning
Training seminars and workshops
Education planning and counseling
Designing training materials
Educational needs analysis

Future Outlook
Business Training Center is an institute with the following characteristics:
Effective in the areas of human resource of the commercial sector of country
Lean in timely addressing the educational and training needs
Flexible  in adapting to expected educational services of the addressee
Pioneer in the areas of commercial training all over the country
Comprehensive and extensive (with a network of representatives in all provinces and big cities)
Effective interaction with clients
Enjoying updated technologies, educational methods and knowledge
Targeted and future-oriented
Innovative in designing and offering educational services according to the needs of commercial sector of the country
Commercial Specialized Language
BTC targeted to improve commercial language skills in Ministry of commerce, via holding specialized commercial language. 12 placement tests are held regularly by the center. commercial language courses include 20 conversation semesters & 4 specialized Commercial Correspondence courses. If applicant applies for commercial correspondence he/she should pass level 7 of conversation in
Order to start commercial correspondence at the same time
•    In addition, short term Effective Skills are held for managers & senior experts including:
•    Effective Socializing.
•    Effective Meetings
•    Effective Negotiating
•    Effective Telephoning
•    Effective Presentation
•    Furthermore, Specialized Commercial Courses are held  in English which are as Follows:
•    Inco terms 2000
•    International Trade
•    Marketing Research
•    Letter Writing for International Businesses
•    Foreign Procurement Management
•    Correspondence, Negotiations & International Contracts
•    A Six-month Course on Business Skills for Managers & Senior Experts

Some Title of BTC Specialized  Commercial Courses

1)  Trade & commercial courses
•  Foreign procurement management
•  Inco terms 2000 & It’s Role in International Contracts
•  Custom affairs & clearance
•  LC & Unique Regulations
2)  Marketing Courses
•  Marketing & Advertising Engineering
•  Sales Engineering
•  Marketing management
•  Customer Relations Management  & Methods of CRM Measurement  (TRIZ)
3)  Management Courses
•  Step by Step Management of Creative Problem Solving
•  Negotiations Techniques’ & Effective Relation
•  Time Management
4)  Financial & Economic Courses
•  Financial accounting
•  Technical training for financial markets
5)  Administrative courses
•  Correspondence Principles & Administrative Report Writing
•  Modern Secretary
6) IT & ECommerce
•  E. Commerce
•  E. Marketing
7) Logistics & supply chain
•  Supply Chain Management
•  Warehousing Management
•  Planning & Stock Control
•  Basic Logistics
8) Business English Languages
•  Business English Conversation
•  Business Correspondence
•  Effective Courses
-Effective Presentation
-Effective Socializing
-Effective Meetings
-Effective Telephoning
-Effective Negotiations

•  Specialized Commercial Courses in English
-Correspondence, Negotiations and International Contracts
-International Trade
-Foreign Procurement Management
-Marketing Research
-Inco terms 2000
-Letter of Credit / LC
-The Principles of International agreement
-English for Accounting
  Organization Culture (Ethical Values)

   Following Islamic values, respecting clients, fairness and avoiding any form of
 discrimination in behavior and dialogues, pioneer in teaching style and educational material, discipline in areas of activities, paying attention to the quality of work in offering services to our clients.
Enthusiastic and well deserved response (timely, precise and convincing) to our clients in order to keep them loyal and satisfied