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Fourth Industrial Revolution

Reported by the public relation office BTC, the second international conference on Fourth Industrial Revolution has started on 27 February in Tehrans' Evin hotel and it has finished with speech representing of Europe Commision andindustry award 4.0 on 28 February

Dr. Mohammad Reza Razavi


Dr. Abdollah Jasbii


Abbas Keshavarz


Dr. Pedro Sousa


Erastos Filos


Professor Dr.-Ing. Hans Wernher van de Venn


Dr. Omid Givechi


Dr. Oliver Matei


Dr. V.Cruz-Machado



Industry 4.0 Award


Dr. Sebastian Scholze


Dr. Claudio Canedese


Dr. Diogo Quental


Dr. Roberto Da Forno




Dr. Pietro Perlo


Commission Europe representatives



Industry 4.0 Award

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